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Second Midwives

At each home birth, a second midwife will attend for the birth itself. This is to ensure the safety of mother and baby. The midwife who has taken you on as a client will arrange for the second midwife to attend. Often this will be a primary midwife who also takes on her own clients, and sometimes it is a midwife who supports the scheme by being available to assist with home births.

Here are the details of the midwives who act solely as second midwives for home births.

Fidelma Delaney RGN RM

Fidelma Delaney RGN RM

Fidelma Delaney

I qualified as a midwife in Kent in 1992. I worked there for 8 years before returning to Ireland. I am married to Paul and we have 5 children, 4 of them were home births.
I have been working with the Cork/Kerry midwives since 2008, I attend births as 2nd midwife, which is a statutory requirement.

I also work as a Nurse Manager, from Monday to Friday in Midleton.