Caroline Corcoran RM SECM IBCLC

Caroline Corcoran RM SECM IBCLC

My passion has always been to give continuity of care to low-risk women in a community setting, and after my own two home births, I decided to become a midwife, so that I could join the fabulous team of community midwives in Cork.

I moved to the UK to qualify as a midwife and gain experience in midwifery-led settings, and worked in both birthing units and delivery suites. After returning to Ireland, I worked in postnatal care in CUMH. I have been a home birth midwife in Cork since March 2017. I am passionate about supporting women to have the birth they want. My aim is for the women I care for to be well-informed so they can make the best choices for themselves around pregnancy, birth, infant feeding and parenting.

I am now a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and offer breastfeeding preparation classes as well as support with breastfeeding for my home birth clients and also privately. You can give me a call any time, or see my website for more information.



I felt safe in her hands.
It was great having Caroline come to our home for the checks pre and post baby. She is grounded and confident, from the day we met I felt safe in her hands. She is easy to get along with and has a great sense of fun and humour which is needed! She made our homebirth a safe, fun and amazing experience. Sarah, Kinsale
Love and trust and dedication
Caroline, having you by my side, before, during and after the birth of Auri Rose, feeling your love and your trust and dedication has made such a difference I find myself short of words. And that doesn't happen often. People keep telling me that "I'm brave for having a home birth". This would be the last word I would use, as this is statistically as safe, if not safer, as a hospital birth.
Instead I would chose very different words: Selfish. Clever. Informed. Supported. Blessed. Blessed with continuous care up to 14 days after the birth from the same woman, a woman who took the time to learn about me and my body, my history and who listened closely to the wishes I had and the words that had nothing to do with birth. Who didn't hesitate to hop into her car and come over, no matter what time of the day. Who is just one text away. Who kept me warm, hydrated and protected during my labour, who made sure to remind me that my body needs rest in-between. And who, in the most crucial moment reminded me to breathe.
And who not only sees the beauty in messy and every day moments, but also knows how much I love capturing them and picked up my phone to take this shot of our sleeping daughter. You amazing woman, thank you. I love you! Annika, Shanagarry
With Caroline’s advice and support, I am comfortably and efficiently breastfeeding my son..

I called Caroline when I found myself struggling with suspected mastitis in the early weeks. She gave me immediate advice over the phone and was with me by 10am the next day. From the moment I called her, Caroline was both my coach and cheerleader. With Caroline’s advice and support, I am comfortably and efficiently breastfeeding my son at 7 months and will continue to do so.

Caroline is knowledgeable, professional, and absolutely committed to helping women breastfeed. Thanks so much Caroline for your help and support in those early days. I would highly recommend Caroline in any prenatal or postnatal capacity. Bernadette, East Cork